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Educational Christmas Shows on Prime

Here are a few ways to beef up your Christmas studies at home this holiday. I love taking a virtual trip around America's national parks, and watching Rick Steve's European Christmas! Another favorite of mine is the virtual Yule log crackling on the television, which emulates the same feeling of holiday warmth and cozyness as… Continue reading Educational Christmas Shows on Prime

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Palm Sunday Unit Study for Kids

  Taste. Smell. Touch. Get your hands a little dirty and bring your kids on an Easter experience that uses all five senses. This is a great unit study that is easy to follow and fun to participate in. Geography, art, science, music, and cooking are all fun ways to incorporate Easter learning with a… Continue reading Palm Sunday Unit Study for Kids

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Short Easter Videos for Kids

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite short Easter clips with you today! These are fun, short, and engaging videos that tell the Easter story with your family in a kid-friendly way. Trying to explain the death and resurrection to younger ones can sometimes be confusing to grasp. Thankfully, these resources help you… Continue reading Short Easter Videos for Kids

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Medieval Birthday Party for your Knight-in-Training

Our Elias is turning 6 this week! Pinch me! I can't handle it. Time really does fly. Last year we thought that it was a good idea to begin our chivalry challenge with our boys at home so we decided to celebrate Elias' 5th birthday with a Medieval Feast to officially kick off his training… Continue reading Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Medieval Birthday Party for your Knight-in-Training


Homeschool Music Curriculum Round-Up!

 There is so much beauty to music. I don't want my kids to overlook it just because it's not considered a core subject to study for school.  Personally, I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever, but my kids on the other hand, do.  Because there are so many benefits of music, it will continue to… Continue reading Homeschool Music Curriculum Round-Up!

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Spelling Curriculum Review: Spelling Power and Spelling By Sound & Structure

  It's that time of year when my brain is simply fried, friends! Fried. It's also that time of year when I consider what I'm going to be utilizing for curriculum next year because schooling is still somewhat fresh in my mind, ish! I created this post because I actually gain a lot of value… Continue reading Spelling Curriculum Review: Spelling Power and Spelling By Sound & Structure

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Our Favorite Faith-Filled Audio Dramas & Online Radio Programs

Audio dramas are my new favorite resource to use within our family! Over the last few years, we've been on the lookout for new audio dramas because they're great for quiet time or traveling on-the-go. We enjoy them because we feel like we are listening to an action-packed adventure movie while still learning some powerful… Continue reading Our Favorite Faith-Filled Audio Dramas & Online Radio Programs

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February Unit Studies & Bible Devotions

We've been studying U.S. history and anatomy throughout our school year so far. Each month-ish we are focusing on a new system of the body. We have studied a few Indian tribes and the different names of God using the MFW curriculum as well. Here's our tentative schedule for the year: October: Skeletal System & Northeastern… Continue reading February Unit Studies & Bible Devotions

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Strawberry Girl: Summer Literature Study

Lois Lenski  has quickly become our new favorite children's author. If you enjoy reading Little House on the Prairie series, you will absolutely love these. She has an entire historical series of novels that are great to read when studying history with children. I really like the gentle approach to schooling throughout the summer by… Continue reading Strawberry Girl: Summer Literature Study