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Our Favorite Faith-Filled Audio Dramas & Online Radio Programs

I can't say I do without you!

Audio dramas are my new favorite resource to use within our family! Over the last few years, we’ve been on the lookout for new audio dramas because they’re great for quiet time or traveling on-the-go. We enjoy them because we feel like we are listening to an action-packed adventure movie while still learning some powerful lessons from scripture. Don’t be confused. These are not the same as audio books. I quickly learned the difference, and now I love them!

Audio dramas have the ability to capture real history and real events by bringing the story to life with sound effects, actors, and drama. There’s a real art to storytelling here that I simply love. Don’t get me wrong, Adventures in Odyssey is great, but there are so many more options out there with fantastic faith-filled content. Plus, you can listen to most of these online or over the radio. Bonus!

These are some of our recent favorites that we’ve found over the past year. Not only are they action-packed, but they’re filled with the Gospel Message in ways that appeal to a younger audience. There’s nothing rigid or b-o-r-i-n-g about these faith-filled audio dramas. See for yourself!

1. Jonathan Park Audio Adventures

Did someone just say Indiana Jones?!

This is one that our boys ask to listen to over and over again. We started listening to Jonathan Park when we stashed a cd set in the boys’ Easter baskets one year. If you were to combine Indiana Jones with a creationist worldview, this is what you’ll get! JP uses it’s stories to build faith-based evidence for an Ultimate Creator. I haven’t heard of a resource that covers such great science topics like these in every episode.

Listening to these has opened the doors to some really great conversations with our kids about evolution, creationism, dinosaurs, Intelligent Design, and logic. I like that the children in the stories are usually the ones challenging and sharing their faith with others. I also like how relatable it is, and how they help give evidence to defend the faith. You can visit the website for a sample episode and topical study guides.


2. Lamp Lighters

Lamplighter Theatre  is an audio drama theatre (Don’t be confused with their audio books.) that builds Christ-like character through heroic stories. Characters face adversity, overcome obstacles, and endure suffering through faith. Looking for some classic character building? These are fantastic!

Tales of the Kingdom, one of our favorites, was even featured on here.  You can listen online to the radio broadcasts where a new episode is aired weekly. I love this option because it’s cost effective and we still get to enjoy the stories!


3. Heirloom Audio Adventures

Wow. These are the definition of audio adrenaline dramas! The sound, the acting, the music, and the storyline make these the most intense audio adventures that I’ve ever heard. My mind is blown! Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna in Downtown Abby, stars in Freedom’s Cause, a story about William Wallace. Squander Keynes, who plays in the Chronicles of Narnia, also stars in the drama.

These stories are intense yet family friendly. If your kids are interested in battle scenes filled with courage, valor, and emotional drama, then these are for you!

4. Brinkman Adventures

We recently discovered these wonderful missional dramas!  Brinkman Adventures is a radio drama that shares real missionary journeys from around the globe. The stories are retold through a fictional family, the Brinkmans. We haven’t listened to many of these yet, but I’ve really liked what I’ve listened to so far. If you’re familiar with Jonathan Park and Adventures in Oddysey, this is very similar, but with a focus on missions.

I love that this is another drama that you can listen to on the radio. And as a bonus, you can learn all about the true stories behind each episode on their website.  If you are interested in a mission-themed curriculum, the company also offers Living the Call, a twelve lesson study utilizing the episodes.

5. Sugar Creek Gang via Captain’s Club on Bible Broadcasting Network

I didn’t grow up reading these stories, but many people have told me about the legendary escapades of this Christian gang! Not familiar? These are kind of like The Boxcar Children books, but with a Christian worldview. Visit the Captain’s Club on the BBN online radio to listen to the Sugar Creek Gang come to life.

6. Keys for Kids Radio

There are so many reasons to love Keys for Kids Radio! Listen Live or On-Demand to several of your favorite Christian audio dramas all on one site. So amazing! Brinkman Adventures, Adventures in Odyssey, Down Gilead Lane, Lamplighter Theatre, Red Rock Mysteries, and more can all be listened to here. How cool is that?!

7. Your Story Hour

Learn about famous historical figures, famous composers, missionaries, and christian heros of the faith with Your Story Hour. Listen to free episodes each week online.

8. Adventures in Odyssey

Of course Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey had to make the list! Listen online to follow along with Whit and the rest of the gang!

There you have it! Here’s to hours of great audio dramas to listen to in the car or on-the-go that’s guaranteed to be fun and faith-filled for the whole family.

What are your favorites? I’m always interested in looking for new audio resources.




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