Hi, I’m MacKenzie. Welcome to my coop! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a homeschooling mom raising three homegrown chickadees. I enjoy impressing God’s word on my children’s hearts.  I’m also a dumpster divin’, thrifty, design chick. In my free time, I enjoy transforming houses into homes so let me help you color up your coop!

No one will ever accuse me of being singularly focused. I’m constantly balancing my passions in life, so I relate to busy moms who are trying to do it all – and do it well! However, I tend to fail and fail often. I choose to seek an undivided life over a well balanced one where top priorities come first and trump the art of trying to do it all.

I belong to a crazy, quirky coop. I don’t have it altogether. My house is never squeaky clean. My children are not flawless. My finances aren’t always in check and I argue with my spouse at times. Some days we just get all hot n’ bothered in here. There are definitely days when I think I just need to get lost in a corn field!

I simply want to live my life as a woman that attempts to glorify God. I want my home to be that place to minister, enjoy, and manage. I want to cultivate the roles of becoming a better wife, mother, and mentor. Being a wife and mother can be very demanding. It comes with many difficult tasks.

Some days we just get all hot n’ bothered in here. There are definitely days when I think I just need to get lost in a corn field!

I try to live intentionally, purposefully, and all with passion. I crave honesty, deep conversations, and camp fires in cozy sweaters. Most days you will find me walking around wearing mismatched socks or you will catch me in bed eating a bag of something super crunchy. Join me on this journey and see how God is shaping and refining me in this always quirky, sometimes crazy coop of mine.

My Coop



Our coop consists of three very uniquely different chicks:

Peanut: Our 10 year old Performer.

Ly-Guy: Our 6 year old Tinker Tom.

Pork Chop: Our 5 year old Adventurer.

And..one on the way, all the way from India!


My husband is pretty much perfect {for me}. No really. He does everything with a smile without whining or complaining. He is everything that I am not. He keeps us all together and makes sure I don’t lose my sanity!

 Child of God

I am a chronic over thinker and I tend to give into fear. Luckily, for me, it’s not about who I am or what I have done, but who I belong to. My value and self worth are not based on my performance or standards of this place, but on a heavenly Father who loves ALL of me. His grace always meets me where I am. Even though I am broken, He calls me beautiful.


I struggle to keep our beta fish alive {Update: Our beta is no longer with us!} and yet God has entrusted me with 3 beautiful chicks. Here’s the deal, this mom thing is just plain hard work. Most days I am sowing seeds instead of harvesting fruit. The days can be so long, but then I realize that the years are so very short. I don’t want to just fulfill my role and duties as mother and overlook the pleasure of loving my children.  I want to be a world changer to my children and prepare for them good soil to receive the Good News with joy. I’m choosing to embrace it and I’m clinging to what is good.

 Missional Homemaker

Let’s just get one thing straight-I’m not winning over my children with my homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies, that’s for sure! This job is tough. Our society over emphasizes education and training in so many endeavors, yet there is little to no instructions for marriage, motherhood, and homemaking. Thankfully we have God’s word to lean in on.
Whether I am working or staying at home, I believe that God has called my heart to be at home first.