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Short Easter Videos for Kids

Short Easter Vidoes for Kids

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite short Easter clips with you today! These are fun, short, and engaging videos that tell the Easter story with your family in a kid-friendly way.

Trying to explain the death and resurrection to younger ones can sometimes be confusing to grasp. Thankfully, these resources help you when trying to explain the details to the story.

These are also super easy to access, and super easy to pair with your other family Easter activities. Go ahead, and get started watching!

Palm Sunday Videos

Start your video watching with a Hosanana rock party! This is such a catchy and entertaining song for the kids! My boys especially love it.



Last Supper Videos

Watch these quick clips while you explain the body and blood, the bread and the wine,  of Jesus over a grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner. It’s that easy! I linked How to Create a Kid-Friendly Last Supper Meal with your kids over here. I even included a free lesson plan with all sorts of other video clips, coloring pages, and printables to make it easy for you to lead.

Jesus’ Sacrifice & Ascension


The Legend of Three Trees & The Tale of Three Trees

Based on the delightful children’s book, this short animation tells the Easter story in a unique way for kids.

And if the weather is cooperating for you, check out this free nature study packet from Our Journey Westward:

An Easter nature walk idea using The Tale of Three Trees  {free printable}
via Our Journey Westward

The Prince’s Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul

I love. love. love. the story line of this Easter book, and the depiction of Jesus’ atonement for our sins. If you have boys who love all things Medieval, then this is the story for them! If you’re interested, I also created this super easy and super awesome goblet craftand bible lesson to go along with the book here.

Because He lives,









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