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Blush + Bloom Master Bedroom

I’ve been inspired by this prelude into spring around us. The delicate blush pinks and blooms of spring have just began to take notice by those of us who are paying attention to the tiny buds among the leftovers from winter. I love the mustards, citrus grove orange, and soft sage greens found in this mood board.

Spring has stolen the snow with this one, wouldn’t you say?!

I was inspired by this wildflower t-shirt that I wanted to buy on Etsy for this spring. I’ve also fallen in love with the new trend in golden pedestal floral arrangements…have you seen these?! Gorgeous.

botanical shirt vintage t-shirt flower t-shirt tee vintage image 0
via Etsy

And here it is….

The Blush + Bloom Master Bedroom Mood Board

Blush and Bloom Master Bedroom

Wanna shop the look? Here are the links to help you attain a little bit of spring in your living space:

  1. Comforter
  2. Bed frame
  3. Throw blanket
  4. Blue area rug
  5. Sheepskin rug. Here’s an even more budget-friendly option at Home Depot.
  6. Dresser…may be outta stock! Here’s another similar version.
  7. Bed side table
  8. desk lamp
  9. floor lamp
  10. faux olive tree
  11. Rattan blue accent chair
  12. Citrus art print
  13. wildflower art print
  14. Bamboo shades
  15. Pink knotted curtains
  16. Antique gold mirror
  17. Weeping willow garland

And just because I was inspired…

Slide View: 1: Aden Tufted Throw Blanket
via Urban Outfitters

I fell in love with this burnt tumeric looking throw blanket. I love it! The textures and color options got me wantin’ all the varieties of this blanket! The mustard and dark blue were my other two favs.

…And this wildflower piece of art~ looks like the wild flowers were sprouting off the painting onto the Urban Outfitters floral bed comforter! I’m in love. xoxo

SALE Botanical Wildflower Print Printable Art Herbal Wall Art image 0
Via Etsy


Cheers to dancing our way into spring!





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