India Adoption: Prayer Requests

“Do the right thing for the weak and those without a father. Stand up for the rights of those who are suffering and in need.”-Psalm 82:3

We have committed to praying daily at 8:23am and 8:23pm. Would you commit to praying along with us? Set a timer and pray at either or both times during the day as we walk together in His grace and mercies for the rights of those who are suffering and in need around us.


We know that this is a life-changing decision that will impact our marriage, biological children, and relationships with others. Yes, we are in need of your financial support. We cannot do this alone. BUT we are  MORE in need of your prayers. Our continued prayer has always been to have our hearts align with His will no matter what outcome or circumstance we experience. We continue to surrender that prayer over to Him throughout this process also. He is our Provider. He is our Sustainer.

Current Prayer Requests:

Pray against fear of the unknown. We have learned the phrase, “Don’t be scared, be prepared!”

*Pray for the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Pray that our hearts would fully surrender to His leading, wherever He may lead us.

*Pray for financial and spiritual support/mentors. Praise update! He has provided us with several people!

*Pray over the government officials on both ends of our paperwork. That they would find favor with our 7 dossiers, the home study, etc.

*Pray over decisions when it comes to reviewing the special needs list. May we trust that the right child would be clearly revealed to us during the referral.

*Pray that our hearts would be obedient regardless of the hardship and outcome

*Pray for God to reveal the areas that we need to prepare the most for in regards to our home, hearts, biological children, medical insurance, etc. during the waiting process.

*Pray for discernment, peace, clarity, and Godly wisdom when difficult decisions arise.

*PRAY that this process would commend the gospel, transform hearts, and bring glory to Christ. There is also room for celebration and excitement amidst the unknown!


Please pray that God would specifically equip and call many families open to adopting boys, children with special needs, and older children.

Please pray for positive changes in US and International adoption laws. Pray for a change of heart for government officials around the world – that they would understand and see the beauty in God’s design of adoption.

*Pray for families who are in need of extra help with their child and/or family dynamics.

*Pray for un-adopted children to have their physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs met. May the Gospel be made known, and lives be transformed.
Pray for the un-adopted. Please pray for the millions of orphaned children in the United States and across the world who are waiting for forever families.

We are deeply blessed by your prayers. Thank YOU.

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