How to Create A Kid-Friendly Last Supper Meal

last supper

Soup is one of those comfort foods that we love in our house. I don’t know if it’s the weather here, but I feel like we can get away with making soup all year round. I’m not ready to say goodbye to my soup making days this season quite yet. {I found this new hack to freeze individual servings of soup by pouring it into wax cups. I also use this method when freezing  homemade refried beans.}

This Maundy Thursday, share a special and simple meal around the comfort of your table, to learn about the Last Supper and Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Trying to explain the details that happened during the Last Supper can be confusing for young kids to grasp. Just because it’s complicated, doesn’t mean that you can’t share the story and its meaning with them.

Here are some easy ways to share a Last Supper meal with your family:

Make a simple grilled cheese and tomato soup. It can be as easy as opening up the Campbell’s soup label and peeling away the Kraft American cheese slices. If you want to take the fancy route, then add some specialty cheese, bacon, or pesto into the sandwich and make a batch of tomato bisque.  A few other ideas can include lighting candles to set the mood, playing light background music, or researching Jewish customs and table manners to use during dinner.

Include the bread and the wine. Whether it’s a handful of Goldfish crackers, croutons, or an entire baguette, don’t leave out the bread. Jesus not only broke the bread, but he shared it with his disciples as well.  Grab some sparkling grape juice and don’t forget the butter! If you’re brave, bust out your wine glasses as you explain the symbolism behind Christ’s body and blood. {Here’s a super easy bread in a bag recipe if you want to take that extra step with your kids.}

Read the story about the Last Supper together as a family. Open up your bibles and read from Mark 14:12-26. If your kids are having a hard time listening or understanding, here are a few printables to keep them busy while you read aloud to them:

Watch the movie clip with the kids. Watch the Last Supper, Crucifixion, or entire Easter story before bed.

Other kid-friendly videos:

Wash each other’s feet. Read the passage from John 13:1-7.

Pray. Pray that you and your family would gain wisdom and understanding of these passages in order to point the way of salvation to others. Pray that your family would honor Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross by fully accepting His gift of forgiveness daily.

This Easter, may you walk in the blessing that comes from Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross which was for you.


5 thoughts on “How to Create A Kid-Friendly Last Supper Meal

  1. Love it! My son’s a little young to understand, but we’re going to start a new tradition that he can grow up with. Thanks Mackenzie!


    1. I would love for our church to host a Seder meal one day. I am sure it adds an unforgettable experience to the Easter story. Glad that you enjoyed these resources!


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