Shabby Chic Farmhouse Basement

Morris Basement Living Room Shop The Look

Call it vintage, cottage, shabby chic, or farmhouse. This basement has it all!

I’m never tired of designing a beautiful farmhouse space. Everyone seems to love the popular farmhouse style. I would have to agree! I don’t want this trend to go away! I enjoy designing all sorts of different styles of spaces, but the farmhouse look just has this glorious feeling of comfort. It’s cozy and full of charm. You can combine this style with almost any other design and it works!

Farmhouse isn’t difficult to achieve and it doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s actually a very affordable style to have in your home.

This project was also part of the Christmas room giveaway last year and yes, I’m finally sharing it on the blog today! I knew this homeschooling mom of 4  could use a peaceful sanctuary like this!

As I shared earlier, this mom typically enjoys the farmhouse, shabby chic, and rustic  style. She requested neutral colors with greenery from topiaries and some soft tones of blue and yellow. See her son’s LEGO design board here and see her bathroom design board here.

Morris Basement Living Room Shop The Look

If you would like to shop this look, please click Morris Basement Living Room Shop The Look

This is a space where the children are developing their imagination. They’re making connections with the life-learning process. Dramatic play costumes will drag across the floor, LEGOS will be stepped on as the kids create their spaceships to launch to the moon, and real life will continue to happen here.

This is a space where the clutter is not going to just roll away. Kiddie chaos and space for messes will be welcomed here.

But as their teacher, mom also has to be happy. Being at home all day and looking at those same four walls can be life draining. As a result, I gave this mamma a little visual eye candy that reflects her personality, and gives her a sense of tranquility in an otherwise cold, dark basement.


morris-basement-living-room-e1507832474540.jpgA little vintage charm was added by displaying vintage suitcase storage solutions, baskets, and bins.


Option 1 layout





Floor Plan Layout

The floor plan layout creates two zones. The table area can be used for homeschooling or hosting game nights while the couch can be used as a reading nook or watching media. Having the table as an anchor can also allow this family to host Super Bowl parties, youth groups, and more.

Peace and tranquility can be found in your basement even among the kids at play. What do you think?


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