French Country Farmhouse Bath

morris bath


*shower curtain|bath vanity|rug|*vanity light fixture|herringbone wall tile

*original item no longer available. Decorative items selected from Hobby Lobby.

Sometimes gaining a little peace comes in the form of a teeny, tiny space called the bathroom! Bathrooms seem to always be associated with peace and tranquility. When I was working within the commercial market sector, almost all of the clients that I worked with requested a peaceful, calm, and serene space.

This bathroom project was a part of the three room giveaway that I held on the Facebook page last Christmas. The winner was a homeschooling mom of 4 who I knew could use a peaceful sanctuary like this!

She typically likes the farmhouse, shabby chic, and rustic vintage style. She requested neutral colors with greenery from topiaries and some soft tones of blue or yellow.

What do you think? Do you have a bathroom retreat?

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