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5 Benefits to Creating a Gender Neutral Nursery

Gender Neutral Nursery

If you find yourself having a baby in the spring, many people will tell you that it’s the best time to give birth. Would you agree? It must be that feeling of fresh air and being able to get out to enjoy a walk with a little more skip to your stride! I’ve never experienced the blessing of having a spring baby where the days are longer and fewer people are sick while I get to enjoy the whole summer season.

I am also surprised to hear how so many families choose to keep the gender of their babies a surprise until the day when they meet their new bundle. How do you do that?! The suspense. I can’t do it! So, here’s a sneak peek into a gender neutral nursery and 5 reasons to why you may want to consider a neutral space yourself.

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5 Benefits to Creating a Gender Neutral Nursery

  1. It allows your child to grow into their own space and develop their own personality and style.
  2. You don’t have to shuffle all of the opposite gender’s items out once another baby arrives. And animals are just too cute! They can be added to any child’s room for softness and a pop of visual interest or texture.
  3. It’s easier to switch up design styles and themes with a neutral foundation in the space.
  4. It allows you the time to slowly add colors and personalized items into the room when your budget and time allows.
  5. It’s a simple pallet for when siblings share a room. Off white ivory and neutral greys create a soft backdrop for both younger and older children.

There you have it! Do you prefer a gender neutral bedroom? What perks did you enjoy about creating a neutral space in your home? Did you choose to keep the gender a surprise until your baby’s arrival? I’d love to hear from you!


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