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Dusting Off Our Bibles


Easter is this incredible redemptive act, isn’t it? It’s a birthplace for new beginnings to bloom and grow.  It’s a time to resurrect the things that need to take up priority in our lives. Is that priority your marriage? Your family? Your faith? I believe that this time for new beginning starts by dusting off our bibles.

We may say that we own a bible or two in our homes, but how often are they making their way off of the shelves and into the hearts and minds of our family?

Many of us are overburdened with time sensitive agendas relating to work, hobbies, and family. Are you constantly shuffling the kids from here to there? Can you imagine how our present trials and sorrows would feel less burdensome if we intentionally read from the scriptures several times throughout our days? Our joy would only increase and multiply! What a freeing feeling it is.

We need to make it a priority over the dishes in the sink and the digital devices in our hands. What new resurrection will your family allow to grow this spring? Join me in making more room in your heart for His word.




2 thoughts on “Dusting Off Our Bibles

    1. I have heard of her, but haven’t read anything from her yet. I agree that we need to pray OVER our children so much more, not just pray with them. Sounds like you know the importance of this! Thank you for sharing!


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