10 Ideas to Teach Your Children Biblical Truths Using Ordinary Rocks

Copy of ideas to teach your children biblical truths using ordinary rocks

I used to sell rocks. Yep, regular everyday rocks. I vividly remember sitting by the end of my driveway convinced that the next person who drove by would buy my beautiful collection. Not much has changed over the years. My kids also love rocks. What kid doesn’t?

There’s been a movement to paint rocks recently. This idea of spreading a little cheer to surrounding communities gives kids a simple way to feel good about giving away something as simple as a smile.

Rocks are so easy to use when it comes to teaching your kids about Jesus. They just are. Kids love ’em and they will enjoy participating in fun activities that have them thrown in the mix.

Talking to your children about Jesus doesn’t have to be complex. What’s important is that you are sharing these truths with them naturally as you do life together. It can be as simple as collecting them in your own backyard or touring different parks throughout your summer.

Enhance your science, bible time, or free time with a simple devotion using these ordinary things called rocks.  Here are a few ideas to teach your children biblical truths using ordinary rocks that requires little effort.

{A list of local rock attractions are linked at the end of this post.}

1. Open your bibles and read about the Foolish and Wise Builder from Matthew 7:24-27. Talk about the difference between the two builders and give examples of a time when you may have been an example of both.

2.  Share how Jesus has been a Rock in your life or how He can be a Rock in different life circumstances.

3. Collect and decorate rocks from different parks. Select scripture or encouraging words to inscribe on each crafted design. Distribute them at each park you visit for someone else to admire and enjoy! We enjoyed writing lyrics from one of Matthew West’s albums.

4. Create and eat homemade rock candy. Substitute Nerds, suckers, or other hard candy as a rocky treat.

 We tried growing our own geodes using a similar technique like this. For Christmas one year, we made similar ornaments. You cannot eat these, but they make for easy science experiments.

5. Sing songs about Jesus our Rock.

6. Visit your local library and study books about rocks.

Since we’re in Iowa, we had to study the geode. It’s my favorite and I had no idea it was our state rock!

7. Skip rocks at your local lake or pond after reading Matthew 7:24.

8. Visit the beach and build a sandcastle as you discuss the Foolish Builder.

9. Pray. Pray that your family would put God’s Word into practice as your children continue to build their lives on our ultimate Rock.

10. Share this Good News with those around you. Include friends, families and neighbors to participate with you in order to make His name known.

*11. Bonus idea. Study gems, precious stones, and fossils. Read from Philippians 3:8 and share the importance of treasuring Christ because He is more valuable than anything. Share how gems and other precious stones, like the diamond, are rare and highly prized like our Creator.

“Love keeps no record of wrong.”  -Matthew West

Try to have your child match birthstones with their birth month or make a “beauty mark”, bible bookmark, to remind them of Christ’s worth and their worth by knowing Him. Download this gemstone game that I created from our annual Mommy & Me Spring Tea party. To create your own beauty book mark, simply hot glue plastic gems to a decorative ribbon.

Our painted rocks may not be the most vibrant creations, but they sure will brighten someone else’s day. Enjoy impressing God’s Word on your little one’s hearts as you use simple, ordinary rocks.

Local Rocks Attractions in Northern Iowa:


4 thoughts on “10 Ideas to Teach Your Children Biblical Truths Using Ordinary Rocks

    1. Thank you! There is a total rock craze taking place right now, you’re absolutely right! There are so many simple and tangible ways to get young ones excited about our Creator. The rocks seemed like an obvious way!


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