Father's Day

Easy Father’s Day Key Chains Using Shrinky Dinks

Adobe Spark(36)

For Father’s Day this year, we decided to make some easy key chains using Shrinky Dinks. Have you ever heard of them? I used to create with these when I taught art at our local museum.

It can’t get much easier than creating a gift using these shrinking sheets. The instructions are so easy to follow and any age can make something unique. They will save your life when it comes to low effort and high impact gift giving!  It’s become our default craft over the years.

Peanut wanted to color dad’s favorite football team, so we printed out a template for her to trace. We used colored pencils and they turned out just fine.

She’s also been enjoying the Draw Write Now books and is learning how to draw using  Art for Kids Hub on YouTube. She’s been able to use the skills that she has learned and has created some beautiful art!

If you’re creating jewelry or key chains, you will need to punch a hole into your designs before they go in the oven. We simply used a paper hole puncher. Your creations will thicken and harden after cooling from the oven, so you only have about ten seconds to mold or flatten them.

Like I said, the instructions are really easy to follow. You simply color a design, cut it out, and then bake in the oven for less than 3 minutes as it shrinks. Voila! Easy peasy.

You can create ornaments, name tags, jewelry, and any other fun ideas that your kiddos come up with. Aren’t they cute?! What have your kids created with Shrinky Dinks?



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