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Start Your Engines! Ly-Guy Turns 6! Hot Wheels Race Car Birthday Party

I’m highlighting a few of Ly-Guy’s recent birthday parties over the years. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any birthday party posts, so I’m about to flood the next few blog posts with all things birthday!

As a birthday keepsake for each kiddo, we document and print a really inexpensive Walgreens mini photo book that costs less than $7 with a coupon! They are really easy to create because they are very small, 5×7, with only a few pages to design.


In October, we threw Ly-Guy a super easy race car birthday party since he’s been really interested in Hot Wheels and remote control cars lately. This was such an easy birthday to throw because the kids had a huge open space to run free, and I had little prep to do. Win for everyone!

  • Stoplight brownies- pre-made from Walmart. I had Pearl Girl add the M&Ms.
  • Stoplight race car decor-Hobby Lobby
  • Plastic table-top trophies-Dollar Tree
  • Paper plates-Dollar Tree
  • Prizes for remote control races- Dollar Tree

We kept it really low-key by having each of the racers bring their own remote control cars, trucks, and drones to race on the skate floor. We set up a race track to see who could race around the track the fastest. I set up a simple bean bag game, and brought over our own Hot Wheels track for the littler racers to play with.

This was probably the easiest and simplest birthday party that I’ve ever thrown together. I enjoy the creative outlet that I have to create fun birthday party themes each year, but I also enjoy the simplicity of celebrating together with friends and family. That’s what truly matters!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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