Edible Nativity Scenes


These edible Nativity treats are a perfect way to incorporate the Christmas story into your holiday. If you have little people in your life that like to get their hands sticky, then this will surely impress them!

Sometimes gingerbread houses can be so intimidating because of the creativity involved. I see elaborately designed ones that look like miniature architecture and I cannot even keep mine from falling over!

Ours were nothing fancy this year, but the kids thought that it was a great idea and it kept their interest.  You can never go wrong with sprinkles, frosting, and a little imagination! I didn’t have to run to the store to grab the extra coconut, the gum drops, or the potato string straw in order to make a fun treat for the kids.

It was another simple activity that was easy to accomplish and it allowed us to enjoy one another. Simple things like this help us maintain the peace that we are trying to achieve during this season of reflection and celebration.


If you want to get really fancy, try using these edible markers from Hobby Lobby. Use their 40% off coupon and create fun faces on some of your own edible Nativity characters. {We used our Nativity play figures instead!}

You can search all over Pinterest and make some pretty elaborate designs, but this doesn’t require a lot of effort in order to enjoy eating them!






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