Using Your Christmas Cards All Year Round


I love getting mail during this time of year! Our mailbox is flooded with cards from friends and family from all over the world. We enjoy opening them and reading the newsletter updates. We also love to see the photos and look at how much the little ones have grown!

How can I throw away such beautiful treasure?! It only seems right to keep them after all of the effort that was put into creating them.

When we received Christmas cards in the past, there would be so many of them that we had to start draping them over door frames and windows. I finally came up with a more purposeful use for our cards.


After we display them on our tree, over our fireplace, or on our bulletin board, we stash them away into a prayer folder. We let the kids choose a card each month to place on our fridge so that we can pray for that specific family.

They make great prayer prompts before meals, bedtime, quiet time, or even in the car as we are on the go. It’s our way of connecting with our family and friends who we may not get to see as often as we would like.


We keep bible caddies for each kiddo in our house. We slip our Christmas cards into their caddies so that they can add them to their prayer journals and remember to pray for them throughout their week. It’s fun to hear what they pray for during dinner and before bed. It’s also rewarding to see how excited the kids get when they see a photo of a special family that they know and get to pray for. See the video on how to create your own bible caddy here

How do you use and display your Christmas cards in your home?

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